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Matfer Bourgeat is the world’s leading manufacturer of professional cake decorating and pastry tools. Since its founding in 1814, the family-owned French Industrial Group has become the industry leader in supplying extraordinary tools and technologies to professional kitchens around the world. Matfer Bourgeat USA, the American subsidiary of the Group, has now been serving America’s foodservice industry for more than 30 years.

Matfer Bourgeat provides customer-based solutions for restaurants, conventional and luxury hotels, culinary schools, fine dining and catering services.

Matfer Bourgeat’s expertise extends to all areas of the pastry, bakery and restaurant industries. They are one of only a few suppliers worldwide that are able to provide a complete range of kitchen utensils and equipment for any foodservice establishment.








Award winning Master Chef Josiah Citrin came to know Matfer products when he began his culinary career in France and continues to use Matfer in his kitchens today.

“Matfer products are the top-of-the line high quality French cooking utensils, and that guarantees a successful, excellent result. The elements we prepare at Mélisse are refined and I like that Matfer items address that.”

> More with Chef Josiah Citrin in his feature Chef Spotlight


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#howto make the perfect #whippedcream with the @waringcommercial #lunaseries mixer:

1️⃣ 1 cup heavy cream
2️⃣ 1 tsp vanilla extract
3️⃣ 1 tbsp confectioners’ sugar

Whip cream until stiff peaks start forming, then beat in vanilla and sugar until peaks form. Takes just a few minutes!

#pastrybags from @matferbourgeatusa

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Run, don’t walk to get these #matferbourgeatusa pastry bags 🤗 Link in bio

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The #matferbourgeatusa Black Carbon Steel Fry Pan is made to exceed your high standards for durability, longevity, performance, and hygiene. Check it out with the link in our bio. ...

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The Exoglass Oval Tartlet Mold from #matferbourgeatusa is a perfect solution for a two-person treat. Lots of surface area for long lines, beautiful glazes, and cross-hatches.

Watch the full video of Chef Lauren V. Haas, the Lead Chef at the Chicago Chocolate Academy create delicious pastries with the link in our bio.

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Can't stop drooling watching #LasVegas Chef Yuri Szarzewski (@chefyuri_vegas) cook with #MatferBourgeatUSA Copper Cookware.

🔗 Shop with link in bio 🔗
🎥: @matferbourgeatusa

- Smooth 2.5mm red copper exterior
- 18/10 Stainless Steel lined interior
- Heavy duty, hand-riveted cast iron handles
- Compatible with all heat sources except induction
- Straight overturn non-drip edge for precise and easy pouring

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Let's make ALL the treats this holiday season with #MatferBourgeatUSA's Exoglass Tart Rings 🍰 ⠀

Link in bio for more information⠀
📽️ : @MatferBourgeatUSA

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The #MatferBourgeatUSA #Cannele #CopperMold is the best vessel for creating your #canele molds. The copper material ensures ultimate heat and thermal conductivity, baking your #cakes much faster and more evenly than other alternatives. ⠀

Link in bio for more information⠀
📽️ : @matferbourgeatusa

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.#Chefs agree that when creating creams, sauces, and many different types of batter, the @MatferBourgeatUSA #PianoWhisk is the go-to tool for blending, whipping, and beating all types of aerating mixtures in professional and home kitchens alike.⠀

Learn all about it with the link in our bio. #matferbourgeatusa

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No one makes us more excited to bake than Pastry Chef Michelle Hernandez (@ledixsept) 😍 Watch Michelle create this incredibly bright, colorful and delicious Raspberry & Rose Cake with #matferbourgeatusa tools.

🎥 Watch the entire video with the link in our bio.

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Why do #MatferBourgeatUSA videos always make us hungry? Watch this amazing repost made with Matfer:

@laurenvhaas ‘s yogurt whipped #ganache is one of her go-to recipes, and perfect for this complex yet understated travel cake. “It’s rich and creamy, it’s not too sweet, and there’s just enough backbone from the tang of the yogurt.”

All of Chef Lauren’s insights, and a few of her favorite tools, at the link ☝🏻

🎥: Matcha travel cake with Yuzi Meyer Lemon Curd, Yogurt Whipped Ganache and Pistachio Feuilletine Crunch. Shot by @cstonecreative for @matferbourgeatusa and @chefsroll

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#DYK? You can build a wish list of #kitchentools using #matferbourgeatusa Chef’s List and send them to us for a quote?

Browse the 1400+ items in a new digital catalog from @matferbourgeatusa with the link in our bio or at:

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Because it's the weekend, and because this looks amazing, we had to repost @matferbourgeatusa:⠀
Black Sesame: 🔥 or tired?⠀
You’re all entitled to your opinion, but we’re ~here~ for these black sesame madeleines from @hanaquon. Two and a cappuccino, please...⠀


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Reposting these mouthwatering cookies made with #MatferBourgeatUSA tools 😍 The origins of the humble chocolate chip cookie are attributed to the Toll House Inn, in Wakefield, Massachusetts, sometime around 1938. While not as complex as the Cannelé or iconic as the macaron, our most American “pastry” has all the features of a classic dish: a deceptively simple recipe, imbued with nostalgia and history, lending itself to endless creativity and variation. Happy national chocolate chip cookie day. Keep some dough the freezer. 🍪 us⠀

📸: @bakerbynature⠀
Link in bio to original

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Had to repost this delicious Babka by @aeruzicka made with #matferbourgeatusa tools. Sugar, butter, cacao...and hard red wheat? Chef Avery Ruzicka incorporates freshly milled local grains to add structure, color, and depth to an otherwise decadent babka. You can see the full profile of this Babka being made by Chef Avery and @manresabread with @matferbourgeatusa tools, shot by @chefsroll, at the link in our bio! ...

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#MatferBourgeatUSA Copper Cookware is designed and manufactured in France to perform in the world’s⠀
finest kitchens, including yours! ⠀

Business Insider called it one of the best copper cookware sets of 2020, with its “simple yet elegant design” and “superb performance.”⠀

🔗 Shop with link in bio 🔗 ⠀

- Smooth 2.5mm red copper exterior⠀
- 18/10 Stainless Steel lined interior⠀
- Heavy duty, hand-riveted cast iron handles⠀
- Compatible with all heat sources except induction⠀
- Straight overturn non-drip edge for precise and easy pouring

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The perfect match for Monday morning coffee 😍 ☕️ These sourdough cinnamon swirls with maple syrup glaze are made by @eds_bred with #matferbourgeatusa tools. (Repost) ...

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Today, we're giving you a delightful peek at @chefyuri_vegas creating the delicious sabayon, featuring #matferbourgeatusa copper cookware. Link in bio for full details. ...

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Chefs are raving about #matferbourgeatusa Copper Cookware. Take a look with the link in our bio 🔗⠀

✅ Smooth copper exterior⠀
✅ Stainless steel interior, no re-tinning required⠀
✅ Heavy duty, hand-riveted cast iron handles⠀
✅ For use on all hobs except induction⠀
✅ Straight overturn non-drip edge

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Reposting for @matferbourgeatusa ⠀

Hot take: Portland might be one of the best cities for french food this side of Brest. No shortage of classic preparations and contemporary riffs on la cuisine française:⠀

-Soupe à l’oignion @stjackpdx from Aaron Barnett⠀
-Shelf shot @sthonorebakery from MOF Boulanger Dominique Guelin⠀
-“Dessert” from Gabriel Rucker @lepigeonpdx, available, decadently, at @jupiterhotel


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