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‘Everything but the Bagel’ Dog

With Crown Verity

Two New York icons together at last! The ‘everything’ bagel (well, seasoning) and a Nathan’s Famous Coney Island hot dogs. With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start grilling, and why not start with this easy, delicious favorite on your Crown Verity grill. Create this mashup masterpiece with the recipe below. Contact us if you are interested in a Crown Verity grill for your outdoor kitchen.



The ‘Everything’:


  1. Slice tomatoes and put olive oil, salt & pepper to taste
  2. Grill tomatoes, hot dogs and buns (we are grilling on our Crown Verity Mobile Outdoor Grill)

Let’s Plate!

Place your hot dogs in the potato buns and begin topping in any order you like, but here’s ours:

  1. Layer with the whipped cream cheese
  2. Sprinkle chives
  3. Dash the Everything Seasoning…over everything!
  4. Add the grilled tomatoes
  5. Complete by topping with pickled onions

We hope you enjoyed this iconic mashup as much as we did! If you are interested in a Crown Verity grill for your home or foodservice operation, please contact us.