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Matfer Bougeat’s Prep Chef

In a nutshell, it helps you prep and cut your food faster and in higher volume. Designed with a SINGLE BASE on which all the different blade blocks are INTERCHANGEABLE. This all in one food cutter allows you to change the blades safely and seamlessly (with NO tools), so you can cut ALL your produce and ingredients with ease.


quick, accurate citrus cutting with 6 and 8 blade, v-shape segments


specially designed for consistent tomato slicing


easily cut fresh, hard fruit into 8 segments

French Fries Cutter

consistent potato cutting for any size french fry


If we had to give you the highlights the following would make our list.

14 Different Blades
Interchangeable Pusher and Blade Block
Lightweight, Stable Base with Suction Feet
Dishwasher Safe
Reduces Prep Time
Spring Loaded for Easy Cutting
Space for food collector under the appliance