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Waring Commercial Food Processors

Cooks and chefs of all levels use food processors on a daily basis for food prep. From basic dicing and slicing of vegetables to complex, rich sauces made for a 5-star dining experience, the Food Processor is a staple in any kitchen. Waring’s Commercial Food Processors have specialized features to make them the best in the industry for small batch preparation to our largest machine which can process 1400 lb/hr! Read on for details.


  • Large chute for easy, continuous feeding
  • Liquid Lock engineering for sauces, soups, etc.
  • Polycarbonate construction making for a lightweight, high-impact machine
  • Safety interlock system – processor will not operate unless all parts are securely in place
  • Batch bowl for making soups, icings, sauces, dressings
  • 2 HP Motor for volume slicing, dicing, and shredding
  • PULSE feature to control breakdown
  • Warranty: 5 year motor and 2 year parts/labor

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Additional Features: Blades and Discs

  • Dicing Assembly (WFP16S13) includes a 3/8” slicing blade (can be used independently) and a 3/8” dicing grid
  • Patented Adjustable Slicing Disc (WFP16S10) – Select from 16 different thicknesses, from 1mm to 6mm
  • Patented LiquiLock® Sealed Serrated S-Blade (WFP16S1)
  • LiquiLock® Sealed Whipping Disc (WFP16S11)
  • Reversible Shredding Disc (WFP16S12). 2 discs in 1 – Shred fine textures with the 2mm side or flip it over for medium textures at 4mm