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Vidacasa H1 Hot Cell: Cordless, Efficient, Safe & Cost Effective

by American Metalcraft

How do you keep your food hot🔥 for an event? Typically venues use canned fuel or induction burners. Canned fuel is costly over time, open flame is a fire hazard, and the cans are an eyesore! An induction burner needs to have outlets nearby with proper power to handle multiple units and specific induction pans must be used for the food to heat properly.

Vidacasa by American Metalcraft is the first temperature-controlled buffetware that works independently of electricity, cords, gels, fire or ice. Eliminate open flames and diminish the risk of fire with Vidacasa. It was developed for chefs and caterers who need modern, safe and efficient ways to keep food hot or cold, indoors or outside. Designed for buffet presentations, Vidacasa features a variety of modular bases, plates and accessories.


If we had to give you the highlights the following would make our list.

Eliminates open flames
Cordless and portable
Warms food efficiently and evenly for up to 3 hours
NO hot spots

2 Temperature Settings of 176° F (80° C) or 230° F (110° C)

Can be used with charger for continuous heat

Works with a variety of plates and dishes for versatile buffet options.

Fully Rechargeable
Use inside chafers most chafers
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