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No matter your size, every commercial kitchen needs reliable shelving and good storage that will cover everything from dry food to equipment. Saving in the short term can cost operations greatly in the long run. Rusted shelves, spoiled ingredients and immobility can be expensive to change or replace. Making sure you have the right material the first time can have a major impact on the bottom line. 


There are 3 major areas we ask our clients to consider:

  1. Layout. Does your equipment and shelving match the flow and layout of your kitchen’s operations? How easy is it to clean? When changes arise, can shelving be easily maneuvered to adjust to new items or design?
  2. Material. When selecting shelving for your foodservice operation, you have a wide variety of materials to choose from. There’s chrome wire, epoxy, metal, anti-microbial and more. Do they rust? How easily can staff clean the shelving racks? Are they durable?
  3. Mobility. We ask our clients how important mobility is. If you foresee the need to move your storage from time to time, consider mobile storage racks vs stationary. A combo of the two can work as well. 

All three Camshelving series from Cambro Manufacturing have a rust-free guarantee and are designed with antimicrobial Camguard® shelf plates. Camshelving is designed with maximum cleanability; smooth shelf plates can be easily wiped clean or run through a dishwasher. 

Incredibly simple to assemble and maintain, Premium Series allows operators to quickly and easily create custom configurations.

  • Lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion
  • Ideal for freezers, coolers, walk-ins, or dry storage
  • Shelf plates easily wipe clean or fit through a commercial dishwasher
  • Designed to share posts, simplifying assembly and maximizing storage space


Keeping ingredients fresh and minimizing waste are among the top priorities of a commercial kitchen. Aside from establishing best practices and cleanliness, food storage containers play a big role. 

There are many reasons to prioritize food storage containers, including:

  • Avoid cross contamination dangers
  • Decrease waste contributions
  • Promote food safety and freshness

We highly recommend Cambro’s extensive line of NSF Listed, durable containers and lids for every food storage need:

eight food storage containers

  • CamSquares® keep food organized and utilize 33 percent more space than round containers. These containers are a mainstay in kitchens around the world. Pair them with a Seal Cover for maximum freshness.
  • Rounds promote food safety and freshness while increasing the air circulation in your walk-in. Without proper circulation, trapped air can create temperature inconsistencies around your food.
  • Food Pans are available in Camwear® and Translucent materials, allowing chefs to see what is inside each container. When combined with a Flat Cover, Seal Cover or GripLid®, freshness is maintained while cross-contamination dangers are significantly decreased.


If you have questions on any of the food storage solutions in this article, or would like a free consultation, contact our team of experts.