Make every customer touchpoint count with personalized custom trays, tumblers, delivery and beverage solution products.

During a time when delivery demand is high, and face to face interaction has lowered, every interaction with your brand is critical. Make every customer  touchpoint count with customized materials Рincluding personalized trays, steak knives, delivery and beverage solutions.


Trays for food service with custom logos on themCustomize the personalization of your own Camtray from Cambro Manufacturing to display a message with every tray served. Advertise a product, promote your business, enhance patient satisfaction or strengthen school spirit. Request your sample custom Camtray today!


To go bags, offering logo placementCreate a lasting impression with each delivery with customized GoBags, Pizza bags and more.

As delivery demand rises, effortlessly promote your business while delivering fresh food kept at the perfect temperature during transport.


A photo showing a custom logo on a drink pitcher outside on a tableDurable, attractive, and dishwasher safe, custom pitchers and tumblers from Cambro are a perfect fit for indoor and especially outdoor dining.

Check out what you can create for your beverage solutions.


box of steak knivesA customer favorite are customized jumbo handle steak knives from Walco Stainless. Custom logos for these knives can be done on the blades, the handles, or both! Available in attractive display boxes that make great gifts, or allow you to even sell them to customers.


Perfect for schools or curbside pickup operations, custom branding is available for service carts and flex stations.

curbside food on shelvingOffering a convenient way to safely stack and store pickup and delivery items, flex stations are an extremely versatile, convenient option for curbside demand.

Ask us about displaying your logo on a flex station today.


Contact us for pricing or samples.

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