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What restaurants need to know for indoor and outdoor dining during the winter months this year.

We all know the constant changes that come with food service operations during the coronavirus pandemic. It can be frustrating to know what regulations to follow, what to invest in, and how to keep everyone safe.

While changes can occur daily, here are some resources for New York restaurants and businesses, along with the best tools for the rise in demand for takeout and delivery. You can read the latest New York Restaurant Reopening Guide for more information on heaters, outdoor dining and indoor regulations.


Demand continues to rise, even with the reopening of indoor and outdoor dining. With recent spikes and colder weather, delivery, curbside pickup and takeout are critical for restaurants. While customers love their favorites, keeping food safe and temperature quality high are important.

To keep food at temperature before pickup, we suggest keeping food held in food safe, temperature-maintained equipment. Cambro’s Cam GoBoxes hold hot or cold temperatures for at least 4 hours and Delivery GoBags hold for 45 minutes, ensuring your customer’s order stays fresh and out of the danger zone while you wait for a driver to come get it.

Tamper-proof stickers add the perfect layer of protection and comfort for food delivery.


Making sure customers can get a hot beverage during pickup, or add them to their delivery order during the cold winter months can not only help your business, but delight guests with coffee, hot toddies, tea, hot chocolate and more! View our Cafe Deco brewing products for more information.


As orders increase during the holidays, keeping food temperature quality can be solved easily with insulated transport.

Cart with meals inside for commercial food transportationLarger holiday meals fit easily. Pro Carts are easily one of the most versatile products on the market, able to keep BOTH hot and cold food, at the same time!

A customer favorite feature is the ability to hold food temperature for up to 4 hours unplugged, which comes in handy during transportation and curbside.


As the New York metro area has reopened, the need to for shields and barriers has made it possible for operations to maintain safety while maximizing what space business owners have.

Countertop shields make pickup a breeze for both staff and customers. Barriers between seated guests add an extra layer of much needed protection, indoor or outdoor.

What many customers don’t know is the available customabizable options for barriers and shields. Check out the large variety available here.


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