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Make Hand Washing Accessible From Anywhere With Cambro’s Portable Hand Sinks and Hand Washing Stations


Sanitation and accessible hand washing stations has never been more critical. Cambro is fully stocked with Camkiosk Portable Hand Sinks.

A great feature of the portable hand sinks is that this CamKiosk is a self-contained, electric hand washing system that can be used alone or with CamKiosk® Cart. It is able to run both hot and cold water for up to 70 hand washings.


  • Double stainless steel sinks
  • 2 each 5 gallon fresh water tanks
  • 2 each 7 ½ gallon waste water bins
  • Hand soap dispenser
  • Paper roll holder

The extremely durable polyethylene will not crack, dent, bubble, chip or break. These carts are easy to clean and easy to use.


For use with Camtainer models: 250LCD, 500LCD Ultra Camtainer models: UC250, UC500

As an alternative to a portable hand sink cart, for off-site handwashing where running water is not readily accessible, the Camtainer is a great option for a variety of business operations.

Being able to wash your hands with soap under warm running water is possible when you have Cambro’s handwash accessory. Simply strap it onto your Camtainer to set up an instant handwash station!

  • Provides a safe supply of liquid soap and paper towels to use with the warm water supply from your Camtainer
  • Easily and quickly strap on, and stays on with Velcro straps
  • Use with the separate Pail with Bail (PWB22) to catch waste water
  • Works with 2½ Gal (9,5L) or 5 Gal (19L) Camtainers (250LCD and 500LCD) or Ultra Camtainers (UC250 and UC500)
  • Two styles available
      • With paper towel holder (HWAPR)
      • Multi-fold paper towel dispenser (HWATD)


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