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Schools are preparing to keep staff and students safer with polycarbonate shields and acrylic guards.

Of the many challenges schools are facing, social distancing, sanitization and food service operations are the areas we see the most need for guidance with. Protect dining, counter and workspace areas from harmful contaminants with portable and mountable barriers and guards.

Cubby Partition

Social distancing measures can be made easier with desk guards and shields. The acrylic table divider guard is ideal for group activities at school. More than one student can sit at a table with the help of this guard. Crafted from acrylic, it is lightweight and easy to sanitize regularly.

desk guard on a table
desk guard

Acrylic Desk Guard

To keep students and teachers protected from harmful elements, simply set these guards up at each desk. This guard is easy to move, but stable enough to stay in place all day. All made in the USA, by American Metalcraft.

Polycarbonate Shields

These types of shields provide a sanitary-positive barrier, improving health and safety while preserving the necessary visibility often needed in a classroom setting. These desk shields are stable, yet lightweight, allowing staff to easily move and clean. The designs are simple, yet highly functional, able to be free-standing, wall-mounted or even hanging. More custom solutions by Nemco are available. Contact a sales rep for more information.

Display of shields