Experience the power of top-down blending that propels you beyond the limits of physics. The brand-new Waring® Ellipse™ Blending Solution has been designed to change the way you think of blending with shorter cycles, greater output, and more consistent results.

Designed to take on every blending task with optimal efficiency, the Ellipse™ revolutionizes blending. With a dual-motor system that maximizes speed and power to let you serve more customers in less time, the Ellipse™ blends any product quickly. Don’t let ingredients, time, manpower, or equipment limit you any longer! With the Ellipse™, you’re now free to go beyond traditional blending, and your customers will thank you!

Blend beyond the limits of physics. The future of blending has arrived and it’s about time.

A high-torque motor and powerful lithium-ion battery pack power the Ellipse™ Drive to produce over 1,000 smoothies or smoothie bowls on a single charge. The Ellipse™ system uses infrared technology to activate Auto Start.

When the Drive is in place and the Sound Enclosure is closed, the Drive automatically runs for 30 seconds while the Xtreme™ blender blades do their thing. The Ellipse™ can also be controlled manually, putting the power in your hands!

  • 10 Second Smoothies
  • 15 Second Smoothie Bowls
  • Consistent Blending Results Every Time
  • Limitless Menu Development
  • Dramatically Reduce Blend Times
  • Increased Revenue and Customer Throughput

Ask A Foodservice Expert

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