From once offering a single product, the Camtray, sixty years ago, today Cambro offers a wide range of trays, table service and display items, storage, shelving, merchandising and insulated transport products, as well as innovative warewashing systems and healthcare meal delivery solutions.

Download your copy of the wide variety of safe, high quality delivery, takeout and transporter products for your restaurant or food service operation’s increased delivery demand. Contact a sales representative for custom solutions.








We always preach that food safety is paramount, but it’s more important now than ever. With many restaurants shifting their focus to curbside pickup, there are efficient ways to keep food ready for customers before arrival to ensure it will be kept safe and fresh.

Encourage your customers to keep coming in by providing the same quality food to their car as you do to their table. The most effective products for this job are the Cam GoBags and Cam GoBoxes.



Cambro Pizza Delivery and Takeout GoBags

Top 4 Restaurant Delivery Products

NEW Cambro GoBag Delivery Backpack

Delivery Success with the Cambro Cam GoBox

Cambro Takeout and Delivery GoBags

Tamper Evident Labels for Delivery

Cambro Vending Carts for School Food Service

Cambro Foodservice Favorites for K-12 Schools

Cambro K-12 School Hydration Station

Products for Successful Outdoor Dining

Maximize Space with the CamBar

Compact Adjustable Dish Caddy



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Looks like someone has their #Cambro serving bowls full of snacks, ready for the games tomorrow. #happythanksgiving⠀

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Photo via @decaturchef

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How are you preparing your #turkey for #Thanksgiving? @Cambromfg tells us @mincerepublic is recipe testing her brine inside a #Cambro Camwear Round to make sure it's just right for the big day.⠀

Get your very own Camwear Round with the link in our bio

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Go from flash freezing ❄️ to reheating in the same pan! 🔥 These high heat food pans are outstanding for efficient kitchens that employ microwaves, steam tables, and ovens. Go from prep to freezer to oven, then right to service with this all-purpose #Cambro High Heat H-Pan! 🔗 Link in bio ...

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When you choose #camshelving, you are choosing #shelvingforlife.

#Cambro shelving comes with a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion.

- Rust and Corrosion Free
- Built for All Environments
- Ideal for Maximizing Space

Learn more with the link in our bio.

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Delivery and takeout demand continues to stay strong for #restaurants, and it is expected to continue into the winter season. Here's 4 products from #Cambro that guarantee a successful delivery and takeout operation. ...

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With #cambro #camshelving, you won’t need luck 🍀 With its rust-free guarantee, it really is shelving for life.

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🎥: @cambromfg

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We know it's Monday, but cheer up 😊 Pro tip: #CinnamonRolls always seem to help 😉 You can personalize your own #Cambro tray with the link in our bio - from color, shape and size - all with YOUR logo and design. ...

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Whenever you see a GoBox from #Cambro, you know it's a good fit. ⠀

✔️ Perfect for busy delivery operations⠀
✔️ Excellent hot or cold temperature retention⠀
✔️ Lightweight, durable and budget friendly⠀

Link in bio for more information.

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Loving all the colors of the #Cambro UPC800 Ultra Camcart:⠀
✅Hot or cold⠀
✅Maintains temperatures for 4+ hours⠀
✅Easy to maneuver⠀
✅Rust, dent, crack, & chip resistant

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Our favorite #Monday #Camtray 😁 You can customize your own personalized #Cambro tray with the link in our bio. ...

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Never ceasing to amaze, #Cambro #Camshelving WOWS 😍 chefs, restaurant owners and even the health inspector with all its features aaaaand rust-free guarantee ✅ Learn more with the link in our bio. ...

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DYK? #Cambro opened its first manufacturing plant in Huntington Beach, CA. These Huntington tumblers were named after the place where it all began. #HappyLaborDay ...

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Outdoor Dining with #Cambro. What used to be optional has become a necessity: #outdoordining . Here’s how @cambromfg can make your restaurant’s outdoor dining more efficient and successful overall. ...

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These #Cambro #CamKiosk #HandSink Carts are ready to go 💧 Making water, soap and paper towels readily available for #handwashing 🙌 in schools, outdoor event spaces and restaurants.⠀

✔️ Two 5-gallon freshwater tanks⠀
✔️ Compatible with 110V electrical outlets⠀
✔️ Enough hot or cold water for up to 70 hand washings⠀
✔️ Designed with 2 wastewater bins, a hand soap dispenser and a paper roll holder! ⠀

🔗 Learn more with link in bio 🔗⠀

🎶 : Beach, by Jeff Kaale

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As we head back to school, foodservice staff is preparing for Grab'N'Go meal service with the Mobile Flex Stations from #Cambro. Our schools say it is a top pick for mobile lunch service and day-to-day menu changes. They love that they have so many colors and graphics to customize their own school's branding. 🔗 Link in bio for more information.⠀

✔️ Ideal for use for breakfast, fresh fruits and vegetables, supper and summer feeding programs or boosting a la carte sales⠀
✔️ Promotes healthy eating habits⠀
✔️ Mobile unit is easy to maneuver and requires minimal storage space

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Sometimes, we just need a little extra #MondayMotivation 🦖 Learn more about how to get your very own custom #Cambro #camtray with the link in our bio⠀

Music: Night Out⠀
Musician: LiQWYD

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Events, large gatherings and staycations are back! Foodservice, this is for you! Get maximum performance in a small footprint, making every square inch of your floor space count. Ideal for for restaurants and hotels, the #Cambro Compact Adjustable Dish Caddy's compact design and smooth maneuvering never compromises capacity. ...

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Throughout the pandemic and into summer, there is nothing New Yorkers love more than their pizza 🍕 …(and maybe bagels). The restaurant hero of 2020, demand in independent restaurants still stays strong thanks to apps like @Slice. ⠀

Visit the link in our bio for our top picks of pizza supplies that create an efficient foodservice operation - featuring the #Cambro Pizza GoBag

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Events and Happy Hours are back in motion! #Camracks from #Cambro can prep your bar with the safest warewashing solution. A one-stop shop, this system is able to wash, protect, transport, and inventory all in one system. ⠀

Use the link in our bio to get your barware measured - FOR FREE

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