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Crown Verity Patio Heaters

Does your operation have outdoor space? Be it rooftop terrace, deck seating, or patio dining, this square footage should be used well into the colder months. Crown Verity’s unique line of patio heaters are the most durable and efficient units in the market. The initial investment may be intimidating but the cost benefits are impressive. With this new heat source your operation can reap the benefits of more revenue per square foot! Read below to find out why you need a Crown Verity and not a residential heater.


  • Produces more heat using 20-25% less gas
  • Less parts (clips, fasteners, pieces) = no rusting
  • Double walled stainless steel conical burner vs competition, which uses a stamped burner; deteriorates in less than a year
  • 30 lb propane tank vs competition uses 20 lb = longer tank life
  • Ballast weight to prevent heater from being top heavy
  • Parts and service provided for customers
  • Anti-tilt switch built in for safety – If the unit is tilted while lit, it will shut off
  • The post on Crown Verity heaters is welded into a base plate for durability

Quartz Pyramid

Antique Bronze

Silver Veined

Stainless Steel