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Waring Commercial’s Chamber Vac WCV300

If you’re not familiar with a chamber-style vacuum sealers let’s change that! First, vacuum sealer bags are used on the inside of the chamberChamber-style vacuum sealers don’t suck the air out of bag like traditional vacuum sealer rather, they evacuate all of the air out of the chamber at once (including all of the air in the bag). This results in a truly airtight seal. A Chamber Vac keeps food fresher up to five times longer than non-chamber or external vacuum sealer.


The most common use of a chamber vacuum sealer is to store food product. Vacuum packing reduces oxygen, limiting the growth of bacteria extending the shelf life of the food. This allows an operator to buy in bulk, prep in bulk, and minimize food waste which all adds up to reduced food costs. The product is also compressed to a fraction of the original size which helps save precious real estate in the kitchen & walk-in box.

Sous Vide/Boiling 

Too much oxygen in a bag can cause some issues when cooking sous vide. Chamber Vacuum sealing takes oxygen out of the equation. Vacuum sealing removes the air, preventing any overheating or floating and leading to a perfectly executed meal.


The marinating function immediately opens up the surface pores of the food to accept the marinade mixture thereby fast-tracking the process. While traditional marinating can take hours, the chamber system thoroughly marinates in 99 seconds.


If we had to give you the highlights the following would make our list.

11″ Seal Bar double-seals pouch for long-lasting closure
Marinating function intensely infuses meats, fruits and veggies.
User-friendly, easy-to-clean touchpad controls
Stainless steel housing chamber
Includes: 50 – 1-quart bags, 50 – 2-quart bags
Limited One Year Warranty
The bags can be stored in a refrigerator, freezer or pantry

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