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Pizza Supplies & Essentials Beyond the Pandemic

Throughout the pandemic and into summer, there is nothing New Yorkers love more than their pizza…(and maybe bagels). Pizza was the restaurant hero of 2020, but demand in independent restaurants still stays strong thanks to apps like Slice

With innovation in new menu items and demand for takeout still stronger than ever, foodservice operations are using quality tools that create efficiency and last, pizza supplies being critical. Here are the top pizza supply essentials we’re seeing lead in the market.

Transportation & Delivery

Pizza Bags That Can Handle Anything, from Cambro – view all

The first of the best pizza supplies on our list focuses on delivery. The best part of pizza delivery is fresh, HOT pizza. Nothing is more disappointing than cold, stale quality upon arrival. 

Meet the perfect pizza bag for your needs with Cambro’s standard pizza bag. With a wide variety of sizes that hold from two and ten pizza boxes, these lightweight, sturdy bags maximize efficiency and storage space for restaurants of any size. 

  • Bags available for up to ten 18” pizza boxes
  • Made of 600-denier polyester fabric for durability
  • Packed with dense, high quality insulation for temperature maintenance
  • Machine washable and stain resistant
  • Personalization available

Check out the video below for a mini demo!

Pie Presentation

Heart Shaped Pizza Pan – view

photo of heart shaped pizza panImmensely popular is the adorable heart shaped aluminum pizza pan from American Metalcraft. Your guests can really “feel the love” with these special pie pans.

What’s even better about these pans, is that they are perfect for more than just pizza pies. Chefs can bake brownies, cakes, and over-sized cookies bake pretty well in here, too!

Pizza Stands – view all

Pizza stands come in all shapes and sizes to suit your needs and aesthetic. Whether you need to add a little height or desire more flexibility from your stands, we can help you choose the right fit. Really, the Go-To spot for pizza supplies and accessories is American Metalcraft. Browse all their pizza tools here

Slice & Serve Supplies

Dexter Pizza Cutter Slicer – here

The 4” Pizza Cutter glides effortlessly through the hottest, thickest and cheesiest crusts.  The ergonomic handle features a textured, slip-resistant grip that prevents fatigue and a protective finger guard for added safety. 

The sani-safe handle from Dexter is comfortable and durable. The textured, slip-resistant polypropylene handle is easy to clean and features an impervious blade-to-handle seal for the utmost sanitary qualification.

A staff favorite pizza server is the S176 PCP. This 6″ x 5” Pizza Server features an angled design and blunt edge to deliver neat slices every time! The ample blade size is perfect for handling even the largest slices and the offset design keeps your hand away from the heat. The quality stainless steel blade with a precision ground tip was designed to remove pizza or lasagna from the pan with ease. The comfortable polypropylene handle features a slip-resistant texture with a sure grip to prevent fatigue.

View all pizza knives and servers from Dexter – here

Ingredient Quality

Storage Containers\Pizza Dough Boxes – view all

A great advantage to great pizza is the fresh ingredients. We’ve talked in the past about how important prioritizing food storage to minimize waste is. While fresh, quality toppings are crucial to a good pie, keeping your dough fresh and safe is critical. 

A perfect one-stop solution for storing, transporting, proofing, and cooling, Cambro pizza dough boxes are ideal for any restaurant featuring fresh made dough. Choose from two durable material options in virtually unbreakable Camwear or lightweight polypropylene boxes, reinforced on all sides for added protection.


If you have any questions on any of the products you see in this article, please contact us for a free consultation. Remember, we have samples!

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