Your kitchen is most likely your little haven of new, fun, and thrilling recipes and combinations to try out. That is, if you are a passionate cook or you are running your own restaurant – maybe a childhood dream come true. You struggle to permanently buy new cookware and cooking utensils, and high-quality, fresh ingredients for your dishes. You also change your menu as often as possible, to keep your customers satisfied and curious to see what is next. In other words, you are doing everything in your power to make your restaurant business run smoothly and grow constantly.

But when was the last time you performed a security update on your beloved kitchen? Have you ever confronted with any unpleasant incidents inside your kitchen and food storage area? Employee theft, property break-ins and acts of vandalism could all prevent you from performing your tasks the regular way. And this could truly do a number on your brand image and the way your customer and prospects will perceive you. If you are not able to accommodate that birthday party that was scheduled at your venue because of a safety breach, you will most likely lose a lot of points in the eyes of your customers.

Beef Up Security With System Updates

  • Maximize the safety and function of your kitchen and storage areas of your restaurant. It will do wonders for your business in ways you never even thought possible.

  • For example, if you are not yet fully complying with the Americans With Disabilities Act regulating public spaces, it’s time to fix that. Install ramps for customers suffering form physical disabilities who need to use wheel chairs. They will be also helpful for your customers carrying baby strollers or bicycles. By having these ramps installed properly, you will also get to significantly cut the risk of any injuries that might occur because of the lack of ramps.

  • Keep in mind that the respective act refers to a minimum clearance for wheelchair accessibility of 32 inches in terms of width. In order to improve the improve flow, you could also consider using a 48-inch distance between your cabinets and the island inside your restaurant kitchen.

  • You will definitely attract more customers who will be delighted to take part in your amazing cooking experience, and tell all their friends and acquaintances about it. A restaurant that respects all customers equally should definitely receive a higher score on a general scale.

  • You should also maintain the items that are in use on a regular, daily basis located at waist-height to accommodate physically challenged employees who need to move around in wheelchairs.

  • Rolling cabinets and pull-down shelves are also excellent solutions that will significantly lower the risk of specific injuries inside the kitchen.

  • Talk to an experienced locksmith and have them install child-safety locks on all of your cabinets for safer storage of all contents. If you already know a good car key extraction service, you should go ahead and check if they also offer commercial services.

  • Have sturdy electronic or at least double-cylinder deadbolt or mortise locks installed on you or storage rooms and main entryways inside your restaurant.

  • Surveillance cameras placed above the access door to your kitchen/storage room and inside of it should also deter potential thieves and vandals.

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